The Turkish state and the AKP government continue to commit military assaults in Kurdistan, cities are being destroyed, and defenceless civilians are being executed. The 12-day military curfew in Silvan left the town in ruins. Homes and businesses were deliberately targeted, burnt down, destroyed and half of the city has become uninhabitable. 15 civilians were killed during the curfew and dozens were left injured. These attacks in Silvan, were not ordinary attacks, they used tanks, cannons and helicopters.
For the last 5 days the same events are unfolding in the Mardin province of Nusaybin. Whilst military curfew is in place, simultaneously they accelerate attacks. On the 15th November 2015, mother of 5 and pregnant SelametYeşilmen was walking down a set of stairs from the second floor to her garden with her two daughtersSevcan and Fikret (aged 13 and 14), they were fired at by an armoured Cobra stationed outside her home (street name: FıratMahallesiBaşyurtSokak, ÇağçağCaddesi). The pregnant mother SelametYeşilmen died at the scene, and her two daughters were severely injured. Yilmaz Tutak was also fired at when he attempted to help the young girls, leaving him severely injured too.
A similar event took place in Silopi, a province of Sirnak on 12th November 2015. In theneighbourhood Şehit Harun Mahallesi, the District Gendarmerie released bombs with ammunitions referred to as “bombaatar” (meaning “throws a bomb”). After the bomb attacksServetCin, HişyarKonur, FatmaYiğit, EvinHarput and one other unidentified civillian received injuries in various parts of their bodies. FatmaYiğitdied after being admitted to hospital.
These and similar events continue to take place on a daily basis in Diyarbakır, Cizre, Gever, Şırnak, Hakkâri, Van and most parts of Kurdistan. It is correct to say that in Kurdistan there is a war between guerrilla forces and Turkish army and it is an armed war. However the Turkish state forces are not just at war with the guerrilla fighters, they are deliberately targeting civilians and destroying towns. The Turkish military forces are disregarding the laws of war. The Turkish state is committing war crimes in Kurdistan.
Turkey is denying the Kurds, they are trying to exterminate the Kurds through assimilation and oppressive policies. They ignore the calls and proposals for peaceful solutions from the Kurds. This leads to the armed conflict. We have said it before, and we say it again, the solution is not conflict, on the contrary it is dialogue and negotiation.
The situation of the Kurds and Kurdistan must not be overlooked and their call for peace must not go unheard. We therefore call all peace and democracy supporting organisations and individuals to stand against the brutal campaign waged against Kurds, and ask everyone to contribute to the peaceful solution of the Kurdish conflict.

KNK Foreigh Affairs Commission