About Us

Social Movement with Mission and Vision

Our mission

Kurdish Institute vzw is a recognized movement that strives for human and peoples’ rights in the Middle East, Eurasia and the Caucasus.

We stand up for the rights of Kurds and other peoples of the region and raise awareness about issues such as women’s oppression and democracy and the war against the Islamic State. We want to inspire people and committed to work towards this mission.

In Flanders and Brussels Kurdish Institute strives that ethnic minorities basic rights, equal opportunities and participation getting into the details of our super diverse society.

Who are we?

Kurdish Institute consists of permanent employees and volunteers

Derwich Ferho

Board Chairman Kurdish Institute vzw

Kristel Cuvelier

Staff member responsible for Policy Planning, Educational Offer, Campaigns (1st pillar), Communication and Activities

Jasper Thys

Staff member responsible for Volunteers, Administration, Communication, Activities and Campaigning around Superdiversity (2nd pillar)

Erik Vranken

Staff member responsible for IT, Administration, Activities and the organization of the Kurdistan Culture Week

What do we do?

Sensitize & Activation


We move the Flemish and Brussels society to exhibit more empathy around Human and People’s Rights in the Middle East, Eurasia and the Caucasus and make the Flemish public aware of the “super-diversity” in our society.


We raise awareness among the general public through our press operations, social media and educational activities. We send an E-newsletter, publish publications and develop educational materials. We inform policy makers and opinion makers through conferences and the Interparliamentary Working Group De Koerden (IPWK).


The Kurdish Institute launches campaigns on human and peoples’ rights in Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran (our working region) and on super diversity in Flanders. In addition, we organize and support actions that respond to current events in our – quite volatile – working region and around super diversity in Flanders.

Building Bridges

The Kurdish Institute is building bridges. Bridges between Flanders and Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran (our working region). And bridges between the different peoples and ethnic-religious groups to which our working region is so rich.


The Kurdish Institute seeks connection in Culture. We attach great importance to respect for cultural diversity. We want to give Diaspora communities who could not freely experience their culture in their country of origin here in Flanders the opportunity to make their cultural wealth visible during cultural activities, including the Kurdistan Culture Week.

40 Years Kurdish Institute

Since 1978

Establishment Têkoser

Kurds from different regions of Kurdistan, all of whom live in Belgium, establish the Têkoser association.

Name Change

Têkoser changes its name to Kurdish Institute of Brussels/Institut Kurde de Bruxelles.

Establishment vzw

Creation of the Kurdish Institute as a non-profit organization (vzw) aiming to promote integration and social advancement and recognition of the cultural identity of the Kurds.

Self Organization

The Kurdish institute is recognized by the Ministry of the Flemish Community (Department of Welfare, Public Health, and Culture) as a Self Organization of migrants.

The 5th Decree

The organization is recognized by the 5th Decree on the socio-cultural work on the basis of an educational activity package of 200 hours.


The infosheet is replaced by messages from and about the Kurds.

Socio-Cultural Adult Work

The Kurdish Institute is recognized within the services for socio-cultural adult work decree.


Messages from and about the Kurds is replaced by the bimonthly magazine "De Koerden".

Human and Peoples Rights

The Kurdish Institute expands its operation of raising awareness of the Kurdish issue to human and peoples' rights in Turkey, the Middle East, and the Caucasus.


The Kurdish Institute is subsidized as a movement within the decree on the socio-cultural adult work in 2003.