A name misleadingly used and abused
Turned into a legendary trap
For the Americans to drop bombs on the enemy.
The foe was smashed but so was the trap
And the dancers danced and danced
Narrating the jingles of “victory”
While the town was no longer there
And the residents refugees in despair.
The young sacrificed themselves
While their people became the victims
Of “a strategy” that was about the enemy
Drawn in places far away
Containing no paragraphs
Concerned with “collateral damage.”
The naive hungry for “heroism” were fooled
By the sounds of drums from the distance
While an entire district was being ruined
And Kobani was dying in pain.
Today the enemy is no longer there
But a dark blanket is hiding the bitter truth
Covering the dead corpse of Kobani
Hundreds of villages robbed of everything
And so many who lost all they had
Longing for homes that are no longer there.
And there is no mention of a “Marshall Plan”
By anyone or anywhere
Not even from the UN that is acting
As of the whole tragedy unaware
For the victims who were betrayed
Are not in Europe or America
But from a region that is damned in hell.
And the world that loved Kobani fighting
Enjoying the scenes of “heroism” against Daesh
Is not interested in watching more ruins
For “God knows, we already have enough bad news!”
And the Kurdish bosses guard the blanket
For what lays beneath is unpleasant
Not even the distant Kurds would like to see.
So the songs and the dances of the fools continue
While the fortune hunters resume their hunt
Abusing the name of Kobani even in death.
And someone shouts from the distance:
Forget it all Newroz* is on the way
It will bring us a new day
And the Kurds will dance around the fire
That will burn all the past sins
And revive many sweet dreams.

Chahin Baker (Shahin Bekir Sorekli) : 03/2015

* Newroz = The Kurdish National Day, the beginning of the Kurdish New Year, the beginning of spring in Kurdistan.