yesterday evening a meeting in Qamishlo city to assess their work and develop its monthly plan in presence of “Issa Hesso, Garib Hesso, Hadeye Yusuf, Mahdi” from western Kurdistan council and “Abdul Karim Omar, Saleh Kedo, Mustafa Osso, Hassan Ismail ” from the Kurdish national Council.

 The meeting ended with a press statement of the committee stated that “We have assessed the activities and  the relationships inside western Kurdistan and Syria during August and studied our relationship with the Assyrian Democratic Organization and the National Rally of Arab youth and focused on the peacefulness need of Syrian Revolution, in addition  to visit few delegates from the committee to Hawler (Erbil) – capital of South Kurdistan province, to discuss with the Syrian national Council about  the existence of Kurds and their legitimate rights in Syria, special e-mail account was created for the committee through which we can communicate with people. “
Moreover, comes in  the statement : “We were invited by the Human Rights and the Syrian opposition abroad to meet them in upcoming days.”

• Situation In Western Kurdistan

Meeting between the higher Kurdish council and people safeguarding/protection units
The representatives of the Kurdish people keep holding meetings in order to reach the best regulatory formulas which are guaranteeing the protection / safeguarding for Kurdish people and achieve its goals during the continuation of the revolution in Syria ,therefore it has to hold a meeting between the Kurdish higher council and representatives of popular units which were announced after the formation of the Kurdish higher council .
 And regarding to the consequences throughout the meeting, Ahmad Suliman has declared under the name of the Kurdish higher council to the PYD website that the meeting was positive and it addressed the formula of relationship between the higher council and Kurdish People’s protection units. Suliman added that the higher council has valued the insistence of Kurdish People’s protection units to keep adhering to its attitude with the council decisions and to stand in equal distance from all parties.
As spokesman ‘’Suliman’’ said the Kurdish higher council attendees confirmed during the meeting the necessity to build a jointing specialized committee comprising the higher council with Kurdish People’s protection units to coordinate and identify mechanisms of cooperation/coordination and remove all the circumstances which may disturb the functions of these units.
From his side, Aldar Khalil, a member of the Higher Kurdish Council said in a statement to Democratic website that People’s protection units confirmed their readiness to work with the Higher Kurdish Council due to the need for a military force to protect our people.
And Mr. Aldar confirmed that the meeting came after the statement of the People protection units who confirmed through their commitment to the decisions of the higher Kurdish council to coordinate with the council in all fields, and this meeting is as a preliminary step which focusing on general points where indicated protection units responsiveness,readiness and commitment to the decisions of the council and it’s the Kurdish national power not affiliated to any party.
On another hand, Aldar emphasized the independence between the popular protection units and security committees adding that protection units are not interfering in these committee’s affairs and they have its own tasks.

• President of the Democratic Union Party Visit To Lebanon

Tripoli: Saleh Muslim held a seminar and talk about recent events

Saleh Muslim a head of the Democratic Union Party  has attended a seminar in Tripoli-Lebanon on Wednesday which dealt with the situation and recent events in Syria.

The seminar, which was attended by dozens of Kurdish people living in Tripoli, came under a series of seminars and meetings which has been conducted by Muslim as a part of his current visit  task to Lebanon. in the beginning of his speech Muslim went through the case of severe isolation imposed by Turkish government against the leader ‘’Ocalan’’, referring to Ocalan’s ideas about the struggle for democracy and peoples brotherhood and his analysis of the introductions of the Middle East nations revolutions. Muslim stopped on the general situation in Syria under the revolution of freedom and dignity, and he said that the situation is deteriorating severely, especially in economic terms, noting that the responsibility lies in entire on the current regime. Muslim said that the deteriorating situation forced many Kurds to leave their areas, indicating to the link between Kurdish citizen and his land , homeland and leadership of the struggle for access to a free society recognized on the basis of democratic self-management project.


• Economic conditions and service in Efrin

Constant interruption in communications and telephone service and suffering of people

The economic problems and service in Afrin have exacerbated, which is having continuous communications network interruptions, which lead to isolate Efrin city, in particular form Aleppo city, which is under bombardment and blockade.

• Democratic self-management

Kurdish people in western Kurdistan are keeping on their activities, where popular council of Kobani region has held  two separate meetings in each of Sheeran and Shran villages to discuss the latest events and the current developments in Syria and western Kurdistan, in order  to activate the elected councils to establish their role in achieving the self-management democracy project.

• Support for displaced people in western Kurdistan
Kobani ceremony to support refugees and displaced people
A group of artists and intellectuals have revived a concert in Nawroz hall -Kobani,  the ceremony had organized as a humanitarian gesture and the incomes were gathered to be granted to the displaced people who have been displaced from their areas under difficult security conditions in the country.