Where the Turkish state has been working on all informational, diplomatic and operational arena to undermine the Kurds agreement ( Howler declaration which was signed by the two councils  in southern Kurdistan in northern Iraq by direct patronage of Masaud al Barazani, president of Kurdistan regional government) and by threatening to invade the western Kurdistan  or by mobilizing the Syrian opposition, which is supported by Turkey, against the aspirations of our people to obtain their legitimate rights, which was the result of a recent visit made by the American secretary of state Hilary Clinton to Turkey. Therefore holding a meeting by people’s council of western Kurdistan was the best answer that could be given. The meeting reiterated on the following points:
Our main mission is to protect the Kurdish higher committee, which is our mean now and in coming days. We will protect Kurds’ rights and will defend the committee by all means; we stick by Howler declaration and we are fully committed to its principles because it is a guarantee to succeed to obtain Kurds rights in Syria of future.
We are ready to cooperate and ready for dialogue with all democratic organizations and parts working on the ground our only condition is that they work for Syrian people’s interests generally and Kurdish question especially.
We will not allow anybody to threaten or tamper security in our areas.
Democratic self-administration project has proved to be a success and valid in reality and we will protect all strategic establishments in Kurds dominated areas and we will not anybody to vandalize them as well as public facilities.
The permanent council of people’s council in western Kurdistan.
Under the slogan ‘’ together to administer our areas autonomously’’ the permanent council of people’s council in western Kurdistan hold its second meeting.
In the presence of 63 members in addition to co-president of people’s council in western Kurdistan and heads of local councils in western Kurdistan and the two co-presidents of democratic union party PYD and many others, but because of the security situation in Aleppo and Efrin and continued battles between the free Syrian army and al Assad’s army many members of permanent council of people’s council in western Kurdistan could not attained the meeting.
Discussion focused on the organizational situation in the past months, how to avoid mistakes and how to overcome shortcomings. The members also listened to critics made by members and how to overcome them in the future. Moreover they called for the establishment of an organizational body that could fit the current situation in western Kurdistan and as well Syria.
They also emphasized that they will continue to establish the democratic self-administration project, which its results and effects can be felt in peoples’ daily life in some cities in western Kurdistan.
They read reports from different committees, which were established by people’s council in western Kurdistan.
Justice committee started to read its report, which pointed out that the committee has solved 300 social problems per month for people in different cities in western Kurdistan.
They also pointed out that they have started different training courses in this field. Moreover they discussed how to activate those training committees to better able to solve problems in future and recruit more staff  and open new centers for training.
Kurdish language committee decided that the Kurdish language have to be used in all walks of life and to start to teach it formally and in a unified course and to qualify and train teachers, who could teach geography in Kurdish.  
Then they listened to reports by different committees such as health, environmental, counting and statistics, general committee for social security, religious and martyrs families committee, where they expressed their views and opinions about the future plans and situation and how to improve their work. The permanent council of people’s council in western Kurdistan listened to critics and discussed different aspects of every committee’s work.
Second-wife equals suspension from membership of people’s council in western Kurdistan.
The   most important decision which was voted for was that the membership of any member of people’s council in western Kurdistan, who wants to have a second-wife, must be suspended. The decision was made after a request from women’s committee on the board of the meeting which was voted for by members later.
Members of women’s committee said that decision was a mean to secure women’s rights and to insure that women are equal with men in all walks of life. As they also listened to women’s committee which focused on opening of new women’s qualifying centers in a number of cities in addition to start new training courses special for women.
Public relationships committee and economy committee discussed how to find an economic mechanism for the regions to handle poverty and provide people with necessities especially in this transitory period. There will be held meetings with different sects and religious factions and making consensual relationships with all parts, which don’t contradict the democratic self-administration principles. The decision came after listening to reports by both committees.
‘’Asayish’’ (security forces) a new term in western Kurdistan.
This term includes police, security forces and intelligences, which was decided in the permanent council of people’s council in western Kurdistan meeting instead for civil security unites. Its job is to maintain the order and regulate traffic movement and maintain security and safety of people who live in democratic self-administrated areas.
There also were taken some general political decisions one of them was to delegate the presidential body in people’s council in western Kurdistan to negotiate with international, regional and national parts and players about finding the best ways of solving the Kurdish question in western Kurdistan and how to take immediate decision in addition to ratify Howler declaration which was agreed by Kurdish national council and people’s council in western Kurdistan and to try to apply it on the ground.
‘’Together to administrate our areas autonomously’’
A slogan was chosen for the next stage ‘’ together to administrate our region autonomously’’ which would be the next stage’s title. It was in memory of all those who have misted their lives in freedom revolution in Kurdistan. As well as they would continue to work hard to provide and secure necessary products for people without being in need to others to provide those products.
And try to submit other cities in western Kurdistan into autonomously administrated areas.
Higher Kurdish committee’s spokesman’s statement.
The Kurdish higher committee joint-committees, security committee, service committee, and national and foreign relationships committee, have held their first deliberative meeting  and they have discussed ways of drawing general lines to attain action mechanisms that could make progress in the function of different committees and which could reflected by its results on the ground. As well as among people who are looking for more unified and joint cooperation.
They also pointed out at the necessity of cooperation and coordination between different factions and elements in the Kurdish region to maintain public security and to secure stability and provide the society with the basic services.
Ahmed Sulaiman
Kurdish higher committee’s spokesman.
Demonstrations in support of revolution in western Kurdistan.
Patriotic Kurds in northern Kurdistan continue to express their support for the revolution in western Kurdistan.
Where hundreds of Kurds demonstrated Shirankh, Roha, and Hezekh to express their support for and solidarity with their brothers in western Kurdistan. Hundreds were gathered in front of Peace park before they started their demonstration as a gesture of solidarity with western Kurdistan, while carrying a placard where they wrote ‘’ we greet dignity revolution’’.
And in Persus in Roha province also hundreds were gathered in Newroz square expressing their support for freedom revolution in western Kurdistan.
In the evening which was attained by many members of peace and democracy party BDP, and a number of municipalities’ mayors. Many words were delivered which greeted the revolution and expressed their readiness to offer all kinds of support for it.
Then Hivron band sang a number of songs in support for the revolution in western Kurdistan and Syria generally.
Qamishlo rises op in ‘’ Kurdish peoples rights’
In reiteration for obtaining all legitimate rights for Kurdish people tens of thousands demonstrated in city of Qamishlo, which the Kurdish higher committee had called for in ‘ Kurdish people’s rights’’ Friday.
The demonstration, which all organizations and unions subject to people’s council in western Kurdistan, all Kurdish political parties and youth’s local coordination committees under Kurdish national council, started with a moment of silence and Kurdish national anthem ‘Ay Reqib’. Demonstrators were carrying the Kurdish flags and Kurdish colors as green, yellow, and red. They were also chanting for and calling for securing Kurds, who have been living on their ancestors land, legitimate rights. As well as they chanted for civil security unities.
They also called for the fall down of the brutal and tyrant regime in Syria, as well for Kurdish people’s rights, which must be secured in future Syria, confirming that those rights are not a present to be given.
They were carrying placards saying ‘we will continue to struggle for our legitimate rights, we will get our legitimate rights and freedom by our own hands, the real winner is the one who wins ones people’s rights, an opposition which is not liberated from Aflaq’s chauvinistic policies and al-Baath mentality cannot establish democracy or bring freedom, and civil security unities are western Kurdistan guarantee’’
Demlia village votes for its local public council.
Efrin: the Kurdish people continue to elect their local public councils in order to establish self- administration project.
Where they held the founding meeting for the local council in Demlia village in Efrin, in presence of a crowed of local people, 35 nominated themselves for the local council of which 15 were elected.