The Kurdish city of Halabja came under chemical attack March 16, 1988 where according to unofficial figures 5,000 Kurds died on spot while hundreds of survivors are still suffering from aftereffects.

The Kurdish party jointly with the Kurdish friendship group at the EP has arranged for the event, which will spotlight Halabja massacre. The participants will also shed light on Anfal and the massacre campaigns in general.

Anfal refers to another mass murder campaign against Iraqi peoples during Saddam Hussein’s rule where tens of thousands were taken to destinations far from their homelands, to be killed and buried in mass graves eventually.

Remains of the victims are founded in those graves which are discovered every now and then in various spots in central and southern Iraq. 

 The main aim of this conference is to put the genocide in Kurdistan on the agenda of the world and also to demand that the European Parliament and the European Union recognize this genocide.