1. Reports of Turkish arms sent to IS.
2. Qamishlo explosion is a suicide attack.
3. Syrian Democratic Forces Kill Daesh Unit Commander in Manbij.
4. Draft of Social Contract of Rojava-North Syria is ready.
5. Kurds launch conscription campaign to protect Kobane from ISIS attacks.
6. ISIS arrests 700 civilians north Syria, mostly Kurds.
7. 31,507 displaced people arrived to Afrin.
8. Kurds Declare Mobilization in Northern Syria’s Kobani.
9. Fears of repeating massacres in Shahba areas.
10. Erdogan wants to be ‘sultan of Islamic state,’ former model-turned-fighter tells
11. Syrian Kurds Will Get Raqqa as Reward for Being Loyal US Allies.
12. First anniversary of the death of Gold Coaster Reece Harding who was killed in
Syrian war zone.
13. 400 mines blasted and the campaign continues.
14. Thousands recall victims of Kobani Massacre.
Comment, Opinion and Analysis
15. Obama should ignore misguided ‘dissent’ on Syria.
16. Why America should support the Syrian Kurds.
17. ISIS committed genocide of Yazidis while world watched.

1. Reports of Turkish arms sent to IS.
Hawar News Agency, 19/06/2016
NEWS DESK– reports stated 6 ships loaded with arms are sailing to Libya to be handed over to IS mercenaries.
French Media pointed out that European Security Apparatus launched a large-scale operation in the Mediterranean to look for the arm-loaded ships sent to IS mercenaries.
Some reports mentioned that the ships sailed from a Turkish port and disconnected the navigation system in order not to be discovered by satellites, the ships are estimated to be
over 6.
In a different concern, Russian Spontenk agency reported of “le Figaro” that a source of a security apparatus in the Middle East said that it is reported that about 6 ships loaded with
arms with absorptive capacity of 10 thousand tons is heading to Libya.
The newspaper pointed out that the ships are loaded with light weapons, while the European Intelligence intends to interrupt the ships’ way in the Mediterranean before
reaching the Libyan port.
The paper noted that it is impossible for the ships to cross Sues Canal or Strait of Gibraltar since it will be doubtlessly discovered so it must be in the Mediterranean now.
2. Qamishlo explosion is a suicide attack.
Hawar News Agency, 19/06/2016
QAMISHLO– sources reported to ANHA that the explosion that happened today in Qamishlo was an attack with a suicide vest .
The source stated that the suicide attack which occurred near Kendi park targeted a Syriac patriarch’s car, and while it was attacking one of Souturo forces vehicles repelled it and the
suicide blasted crushing into Souturo vehicle then.
According to initial information, two of Souturo forces lost their lives and a number of them were wounded and transferred to Salam hospital.
3. Syrian Democratic Forces Kill Daesh Unit Commander in Manbij.
Sputnik News, 20/06/2016
According to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Syrian Democratic Forces killed the commander of Daesh in the city of Manbij.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Syrian Democratic Forces killed the commander of Daesh in the
city of Manbij, Abu Hamza Ansari, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said Monday.
“The Kurds are advancing from the east, having seized the el-Khatib district, the last stronghold of Daesh on the way to Manbij… Abu Hamza Ansari, Daesh commander in
Manbij, was killed,” the PUK press service reported.

4. Draft of Social Contract of Rojava-North Syria is ready.
Hawar News Agency, 20/06/2016
DERIK– the committee of the Social Contract of the Regulatory Body in the Foundational Council of the Democratic Federal System of Rojava –North Syria finished writing the draft
of the Social Contract.
The committee to write the draft of the Social Contract was formed after the first meeting of the Regulatory Body on March 23-24 and started its work on May 10 and met around 16
parties, institutions, unions, Arabic and Kurdish tribes in Rojava and finished writing the draft in the beginning of June and presented it to the Legal Committee formed earlier to
consider it.
the Legal Committee finished yesterday the final draft of the Social Contract of Rojava – North Syria, and it is supposed to be handed over to the Regulatory Body on June 25 to see
it, and then the draft will be shown to the Foundational Council in a meeting to discuss the draft and give suggestions and points of view and after that it will be passed.
The draft will be implemented after passing it by the Foundational Council, its provisions will be carried out around Rojava-North Syria which adopts the Democratic Federal
The Social Contract counts on the democratic nation principle as a source of legislation; communes and people assemblies are patterns of the societal regulation, the cooperative
societies system is considered basic to reach a stable, independent economy in Rojava.
The draft also embraces the co-presidency system, women participation in all fields of life equally in the Democratic Federal areas.
5. Kurds launch conscription campaign to protect Kobane from ISIS attacks.
ARA News, 21/06/2016
KOBANE – In an unprecedented step on Monday 160 civilians were conscripted in Syria’s Kurdish city of Kobane for military service after ratifying the law of self defence duty in
June beginning this month.
The new recruits will be trained at the martyr Kendal Efrin camp for 45 days by the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and then serve for 9 months.
“The first group they take is just maybe 100 people,” said Idris Nasan, a former official in the Kobane administration. “They will serve 9 months and after that they are free to join
the YPG or go home,” he told ARA News.
“They will not be used to fight ISIS, but will be used inside the city of Kobane and the nearby villages to replace some fighters at checkpoints. The YPG need more fighters for the
places they liberate,” Nasan added.
However, some civilians in Kobane seem very critical of the conscription law introduced by the Self-Administration, suggesting the city has suffered too much from ISIS attacks, and a
massacre carried out by ISIS in June 2015 that killed more than 233 civilians.

6. ISIS arrests 700 civilians north Syria, mostly Kurds.
ARA News, 21/06/2016
AFRIN – Radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) launched an arrest campaign in northern Syria, and captured more than 700 civilians, local sources reported on Monday.
ISIS jihadis have broken into several villages in the countryside of Jarablus, Azaz and al-Bab in the northern Aleppo province, and arrested hundreds of civilians, most of them were
reportedly from the Kurdish minority in the area.
Al-Shahba documentation centre reported the arrest of 96 civilians in the Shawi village, 107 in the Weran village, 86 in Ghandoura, 37 in Sur Sanbat, 143 in Arima, 119 in al-Raee, 27 in Tel Jerja, 74 in Kawikli, six in Kayiba, four in Qabasin and two civilians were captured
in the Kalben village.
“The majority of those arrested by ISIS militants on Monday were Kurdish civilians,” member of the Shahba documentation centre Muhammad Kalo told ARA News.
Also, the extremist group executed on Monday 12 civilians for trying to escape the ISIS-held villages in Jarablus countryside.
“They were shot dead for trying to escape before ISIS captured them,” Kalo reported, citing eyewitnesses. 7. 31,507 displaced people arrived to Afrin.
Hawar News Agency, 22/06/2016
AFRIN– 4875 displaced people from Shahba area and Syrian cities arrived to Afrin canton since June 17escaping from clashes.
Thousands of displaced people flock from Shahba area and Syrian cities to Afrin canton escaping from clashes between IS mercenaries and the National Coalition and are offered facilities by Democratic Autonomy for refugees.
Until June 17, about 4,875 displaced people arrived to Afrin. Kurds Declare Mobilization in Northern Syria’s Kobani.
Sputnik International, 22/06/2016
The self-proclaimed Kobani canton in northern Syria have ratified a law on self-defense and began mobilization of civilians, Idris Nassan, an official in the foreign affairs directorate of Kobani, said Wednesday.
MOSCOW (Sputnik) — He added that the first 160 civilians have been already conscripted. They will get a 45-day training in the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) camps.
Conscripts will be used only for the protection of Kobani and not to fight Daesh, Nassan noted.

9. Fears of repeating massacres in Shahba areas.
Hawar News Agency, 23/06/2016
AFRIN– the status quo in Shahba areas especially Bab and Qabasin is raising fears of repeating the scenario of July 28, 2013 massacres against Kurds in Til Aran and Til Hasel villages amid world silence to IS mercenaries’ acts. Since May 25 Afrin Canton is witnessing refugees movement due to the acts of IS and the
National Coalition’s mercenaries, as the number of refugees exceeded 30 thousand.
Robar camp refugees say that IS mercenaries arrest Kurds without just reasons and forbids people from getting out except some who managed to escape with the help of smugglers paying about 100 $.
Meeting people’s appeals, fighters of the Military Council of Manbij supported by Syria Democratic Forces and the Global Coalition’s aircrafts could proceed and besiege Manbij in addition to liberating thousands from IS aggression.
The field situation in Shahba areas indicates to fears arising of repetition of massacres’ scenario 3 years ago, as the Coalition and IS mercenaries committed a massacre in Til
Aaran and Til Hasel leaving 35 civilians victims and displacing thousands to Sheik Maqsoud and Afrin Canton.
After Manbij forces progressed towards Manbij and besieged it completely, mercenaries turned to arresting, kidnapping and massacring civilians in Shahba, especially in Bab where many Kurds were killed by IS.
10. Erdogan wants to be ‘sultan of Islamic state,’ former model-turned-fighter tells RT.
RT, 23/06/2016
Former Canadian model Hanna Bohman gave up a glamorous life of photo shoots to join Kurdish troops in their fight Islamic State in Syria. She told RT that the biggest problem is Turkey supporting the terrorists.
“Turkey supports ISIS [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL]. We know it firsthand. It doesn’t seem to get a lot of press coverage in the West – and it’s a shame because it’s better to deal with the problem now than wait until it gets big and almost out of control in the future,” Bohman,47, also known as Tiger Sun, told RT.
“Right now the biggest problem isn’t so much as ISIS, it’s Turkey supporting ISIS”, she noted, adding that “Erdogan wants to create an Islamic state – he wants to be the sultan.”
11. Syrian Kurds Will Get Raqqa as Reward for Being Loyal US Allies. Sputnik International, 23/06/2016
Few doubt that Daesh will be pushed out of Raqqa in the coming months. But the future of the city and the country could well depend on who will be victorious in that battle, the

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies, including Russia, or the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
At the moment, the SDF, comprising Kurdish (People’s Protection Units or YPG) and Arab fighters, appears to be better positioned to go through with the offensive. If so, a liberated Raqqa will most likely become part of Rojava, or Western Kurdistan, an autonomous region made up of several self-governing cantons.
“The Syrian Democratic Forces and the People’s Protection Units will be clearly hailed as heroes once the bulk of Daesh forces are pushed out of the city. They will also become Washington’s proxies in the country,” the Vzglyad newspaper asserted.
12. First anniversary of the death of Gold Coaster Reece Harding who was killed in Syrian war zone.
Gold Coast Bulletin, 23/06/2016
FREEDOM fighters have spoken out about slain Gold Coaster Reece Harding and the time they shared in the Syrian war zone.
Monday will mark one year since Reece died after he stepped on a landmine while fighting for the Kurdish militia against Islamic State.
For the first time, Robert Alleva – Reece’s loyal buddy in the Lions of Rojava unit – shared his friend’s last night in detail.
13. 400 mines blasted and the campaign continues.
Hawar News Agency, 25/06/2016
SERÊ KANIYÊ– specialized engineering teams of People Protection Units could remove and blast about 400 mines and explosives IS mercenaries had planted in Serê Kaniyê before escaping most of which were about Mabrouka power station, and the campaign continues in the area to remove mines.
Engineering teams of People Protection Units started a campaign to remove mines the mercenaries had planted since May 25.
After frequent appeals by people to remove mines since most are blowing up among civilians, specialized engineering teams started removing mines and explosives the mercenaries left behind around Mabrouka power station.
After removing these explosives from Mabrouka, they were blasted in a void area 7 km away from the power station.
Tolhildan Kobani a commander in People Protection Units said that these mines removed today around the power station in Mabrouka are left by the mercenaries before escaping the area after they received strong blows from fighters of People Protection Units.

Tolhildan added that the engineering teams could till now dismantle around 400 mines and explosives, and noted that they launched a campaign to remove mines in the area since there are thousands still undiscovered, so our campaign will continue till the area is cleared from mines. Thousands recall victims of Kobani Massacre.
Hawar News Agency, 25/06/2016
KOBANI– thousands of Kobani Canton residents recalled 251 martyrs who fell in a massacre on June 25, in ceremonies held in the cemetery of Kobani and Barx Batan village.
In the first memorial of June 25 Massacre in Kobani, 251 civilians including women and children and old people were victims of this horrible massacre in Kobani and Barx Batan 34 km south Kobani.
The ceremonies began with a one-minute silence followed by a word of Aarif Bali the Cocheid of Institution of Martyrs’ families, who paid his consolations to families of the victims.
Bali said “Our opened their eyes that morning on a massacre, as the mercenaries targeted civilians with cold blood, our resisting, revolutionary people however took to streets and cleared the city from the mercenaries”.
The Secretariat of the Kurdish Left Party Muhammad Musa said” June Massacre is an evidence of our enemy’s grudge and hatred who was defeated in battlefields trenches before People Protection Units, since they could not stand the victories Rojava achieved”., Opinion and Analysis
15. Obama should ignore misguided ‘dissent’ on Syria. Jean Aziz, Al Monitor, 19/06/2016

Jean Aziz, reporting from Damascus, describes an almost eerie normalcy and confidence in the Syrian capital, despite the sound of missiles in the distance. Syrian politicians and officials are quietly planning the nature and extent of political reform in Syria, in consultation, of course, with Moscow and Tehran.
A Syrian official told Aziz, “We have gone beyond the stage of discussing the fate of the regime or tackling the regime members. Today, we are [in] a battle to define the regime’s form, its work mechanisms and its way of dealing with the Syrian people and with Syria [itself]. Some are speaking of a federation and a decentralized system, among other forms, like Kurds, Russians and even [President] Bashar al-Assad himself. This is what is being discussed today. The rest is behind us.”
Commenting on a reported Russian draft of a new Syrian Constitution, the Syrian official
added, “We have made some comments on this draft. The pluralism mentioned therein is secured under the local administration law in Syria and is therefore constitutionally guaranteed. Therefore, there is no need for any [changes] in this regard.”
16. Why America should support the Syrian Kurds.
Gary Bauer, the Washington Times, 19/06/2016
Syria’s Kurds offer a glimmer of hope in a region otherwise defined by death and destruction
With every beheading, crucifixion and execution, Judeo-Christian civilization is under assault. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Middle East, where non-Muslims who encounter the rapid advance of the Islamic State face a cruel choice: confrontation, subjugation, or annihilation.
Until recently, ISIS has achieved success spreading its militant Islamic creed. The West’s politically correct response — some of its leaders, including President Obama, refuse even to link the Islamic State to Islam — has only emboldened ISIS and aided its propaganda and recruiting efforts.
But there is a glimmer of hope in a region otherwise defined by death and destruction.
Syria’s Kurds are fiercely resisting ISIS and have staunchly aligned themselves with America and the West. The Kurds are a multi-ethnic Muslim people territorially trapped between warring Islamic factions. Among them are the brave men and women of Syrian Kurdistan — or Rojava — meaning, in Kurdish, “West.”
Despite being surrounded by hostile neighbours, outmanned by terrorist forces, and having little military experience, the Syrian Kurds have organized into a formidable fighting force capable of challenging and even repelling ISIS forces. Their tenacity is reminiscent of the French Marshal Ferdinand Jean Marie Foch, who said: “My centre is giving way, my right flank is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking.”
17. ISIS committed genocide of Yazidis while world watched.

SETH J. FRANTZMAN, the Jerusalem Post, 19/06/2016
You must educate yourself about genocide, demand justice for victims and ask hard questions about how it happened under our noses.
A friend posted an article on Facebook claiming that “ISIS is to Islam what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity.” That would be accurate if the Westboro Baptist Church
had murdered thousands of people, ethnically cleansed 300,000 indigenous people from America, blindfolded men and elderly women and shot them in the back of the head and
buried them in mass graves and then sold 6,000 women into slavery and mass rape. But the Westboro Baptist Church didn’t do any of that. Islamic State (ISIS) did. “Genocide has
occurred and is ongoing,” the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic said in a statement recently on the crimes of ISIS against Yazidis.
The desire to ignore, excuse or diminish the crimes of Islamic State is evident in media and popular culture, and is part of a general tendency toward genocide denial.
We deny that genocide takes place because, as a US State Department official noted during the Rwandan genocide, “a genocide finding could commit [us] to actually do something.”

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