Support our projects abroad

The Kurdish Institute supports projects for the reconstruction of the predominantly Kurdish regions in Syria (Rojava) and the Yezidi city of Shengal in Iraq. These were heavily destroyed during the war against the Islamic State (IS) that attacked and occupied these areas in 2014.

One of the projects we are raising money for is the construction of a Women’s House in Kobanê.

Kobanê Women’s House

The Kobanê Women’s House will be an international center for the exchange of knowledge and good practices, but also a prevention center for the health of women and children, as well as a center for the empowerment of women.

This project follows the democratic principles of the Social Pact of the Rojava Charter and is co-funded by the Waldensian Evangelical Church in Italy, but needs additional funding. The project is managed by Ponte Donna and has the following partners: Lucha y Siesta, the Kurdish Institute and UIKI Onlus.

More information about the Women’s House of Kobanê can be obtained from us or through the website of our Italian partners in this project.

Thank you for your support!

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