Kalkan has been given 3 years and 9 months prison sentence in total and 10875 lira of fine in the six cases he was prosecuted over his ideas in the last two years. Kalkan also has four cases in the High Court.

Five condemnations, one final, four in the High Court
Kalkan who was among mayors who sent a letter to Danish Prime Minister to prevent the closure of Roj TV was given 1875 fine for "praising crime and criminal". Kalkan could not appeal against it since it was less than 2 thousand lira. Hence it became final.

Diyarbakir High Criminal Court Num.6 condemned Kalkan to 10 months prison sentence for statements to Los Angeles Times and Sabah newspapers in March and June 2006. The case is in High Court.

Kalkan was condemned to the same sentence for saying to press that "people on the mountains were struggling for an honourable life", on 26 November 2007. Kalkan was found guilty of propaganda for a terrorist organisation. The case is in the High Court.

Diyarbakir High Criminal Court Num.5 gave Kalkan 10 month’s prison sentence for visiting the graveyards of PKK members leaving carnations ad praising them on 27 October 2007. The case is in High Court.

The same court gave Kalkan 9 thousand lira fine for praising Roj TV on 1 March 2008 at a reception. That case is in High Court too. (antenna-tr.org, February 23, 2009)