Dear Friends,

As you already know, the immunity of the HDP deputies is about to be lifted by the coalition of the other three parties, the AKP, CHP and MHP. The constitutional committee of the Parliament of Turkey has already voted for and trasferred the motion to the plenary session.

As it was circulated on international media, the AKP government and AKP deputies, knowingly and intentionally, brought the violence into the parliament as well by physically attacking the HDP deputies during the meetings of the Constitutional committee. The coalition of the three parties, the AKP, CHP and MHP is aiming to lift the parliamentary immunity of the HDP deputies who, in fact, represent all segments and groups of the society, including the Kurds, Turks, Armanians, Assyrians, Yazidis, Alevies, Christians etc.

As it was raised last week by the president of the parliament, who is a prominent member of the ruling party, the AKP is planning to abolish the secularism in the country and write a new constitution based on political Islam and it considers the HDP as the only barrier before reaching this goal.

The plenary session will handle the issue on 16th June. If passed, 46 (out of 59) HDP deputies will lose their immunity and will be imprisoned. If this happens, the already intense conflict in the Kurdish region of Turkey will further escalate into a civil war that will cause the displacement of millions.

The violation of democratic values and human rights in Turkey, as a member state to the Council of Europe, the NATO and a candidate to the European Union, should not be tolerated.

We therefore call on you to condemn this undemocratic practices of the AKP Government on the basis of the democratic values and fundamental rights. The democratic opposition in Turkey will be strengthened with your solidarity.

Below you can find letters (in English and French) from the HDP co-Chairs, addressed to the leaders of political groups/parties as well as chairpersons of European and international institutions, including their related sub-committees’ chairs.

Kind regards,
Eyyup Doru
Representative in Europe

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP)

Representation in Europe

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