The American policies toward the suppressed nations are proven for many. This is not the first time, which US govermment has tried to thwart the Kurdish Nationalist movements.  But it would be unwise of United State of American to think by putting PJAK into terrorist organization they are able to silence the Kurds demanding their democratic and human rights.

We as the committee of CHAK in Ireland, condom the American decision and regard it as illegal and being adopted as a result of the pressure asserted from Turkey. PJAK is the only active organization of Eastern Kurdistan, which seeks a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Issue in this part of Kurdistan. PJAK has the legitimate right of self-defence against any external factors such as Iranian Regime. PJAK has adopted a new modern mentality devoid of any tendency toward violence but this is Iran that over the last decades has proven excessively violent toward the Kurds. Iranian Artillery shells Mount Qandil on a daily basis, where they believe PJAK headquarter is based. Article 51th of the United Nations legitimize violence as a means of self-defence. Thus PJAK as the true voice of our people in the Eastern Kurdistan has a legitimate right of self-preservation. And we as the nation of 40 million people have the right of self-determination. PJAK has not endangered American interests therefore one might wonder why the US has done so if it is not to appease Iranians. If you look back at PJAK’s short history you would notice that the US tried to use this organization as a means to pressure Iran but it was far from PJAK’s political ethics to be used by any external factors.

Obama came to power with the slogan of change and introduced himself as the citizen of the world. It left a good message all around the world and pleased many of the Kurdish politicians. But one day they list PJAK as terrorist, the following day they order Maliki to free a Kurdish Butcher such as Tariq Aziz. We as the Committee of CHAK in Ireland condemn Obama’s order for the freedom of Tariq Aziz. One might ask if they invaded Iraq under the pretext of bringing about democracy, why Obama should demand the freedom of Baathists like Tariq Aziz. If there is democracy in Iraq why there should not be an independent court where the criminals like Tariq Aziz should stand trail.

Kardo Bokani