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Quite some interesting information and news from the Kurdish regions – Bakur (Turkey), Başȗr (Iraq), Rojava (Syria) and Rojhilat (Iran) – is rarely, if ever, reported by the mainstream media.

The Kurdish Institute tries to fill this gap by reporting on a regular basis through its own news page recent facts and events, both from the Kurdish regions and from the rest of the world.

SDF announces the launch of ‘Great Battle’ for Raqqa

Published by KurdishQuestion on 6/6/17 The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) General Command announced the launch of the 'Great Battle' for the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS. The historic statement was read by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Spokesman Talal Silo in the...

Turkey’s Kurdish HDP co-chair Yuksekdag gets another jail sentence

Published by Ekurd Daily on 9/6/2017 ADANA,— A court in southern Turkey on Thursday sentenced a former lawmaker and co-chair of the Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) to one year in prison for insulting the government, Anadolu agency reported. Figen Yuksekdag,...

Îlham Ehmed: Russia is threatening Kurds with Turkey

Published by ANF English on 31st of May 2017 Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair Îlham Ehmed stated that Turkey approached Russia when they couldn’t find the support they wanted in the US to attack Rojava, and that Russia in turn threatened the Kurds with...

Turkey declares curfew in Kurdish province of Diyarbakir

Several Kurdish media reports on new curfews being declared on many Kurdish villages in the province of Diyarbakir. Villagers are fleeing as their homes are being bombed. Exact amount of villages currently under curfew is unclear. Published by Kurdistan24 on May 30,...

Court issues arrest warrant for opposition HDP spokesperson Baydemir

Published by Komnews on May 30, 2017 A Diyarbakir court issued an arrest warrant for the opposition People’s Democratic Party (HDP) Parliamentary Group Spokesperson and Urfa Deputy Osman Baydemir, reports the daily Evrensel. The court issued the arrest warrant because...

Once We Beat ISIS, Don’t Abandon Us – Sinam Mohamad

Published on the Opinion Pages of The New York Times on May 11, 2017 AMUDA, Syria — At long last, those of us struggling to maintain a fledgling democracy in Northern Syria have been buoyed by the announcement from the Trump administration that the American military...