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Quite some interesting information and news from the Kurdish regions – Bakur (Turkey), Başȗr (Iraq), Rojava (Syria) and Rojhilat (Iran) – is rarely, if ever, reported by the mainstream media.

The Kurdish Institute tries to fill this gap by reporting on a regular basis through its own news page recent facts and events, both from the Kurdish regions and from the rest of the world.

On this day: Kawa and the story of Newroz

Published by ROAR Magazine 20 March 2016 The story of Newroz is a story of resistance. True to form, and despite a government-imposed ban, many Kurds in Turkey are celebrating the festival nonetheless. Newroz is the yearly festival at the start of Spring to celebrate...

Attacks on Yazidi People in Sinjar

The current state is against the interests of the Kurdistanian peoples (KNK statement) Yesterday, 2 March, an armed group related to the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) entered Şingal, intending to force their way into the town of Xanesor (near Musol in Iraq)....

Aleppo Mince. Sixty-eight dead lives.

This text was published on Guernica on 25 February 2017. By Selahattin Demirtaş, translated from Turkish by Nicholas Glastonbury This week in the PEN/Guernica Flash series, we feature a short story by Selahattin Demirtaş, translated by Nicholas Glastonbury. Demirtas...

Turkey’s Kurdish HDP party rallies against boosting Erdogan powers

This article was published on Ekurd Daily on 2 March 2017. ISTANBUL,— Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party Thursday launched its campaign for a “No” vote in April’s referendum on whether to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more powers as its two leaders remained imprisoned....